never seen kabam

i’m not going to hate myself anymore
life gives me lemons
i’ll squish and leave at your door

for the party is calling
the new wave is done
and next time i’m falling
i’ll hit wider things than the sun

hey at the apex
ground to the top
there’s a bigger notion
on hippity hop hop

the spy is dead
the ground is worried
for no one rests their head
no, not anymore…..anymore

find me in your truth
and i’ll hold every door
cut across what it’s not even for

dying in a night
for living in the dark
the bright signs of redeemed

never meant that much to me
i’ll take my lumps
a few sugars at a time

mix them up with lemons
you bring the lime

and we’ll toast
“despite it all!” for all
has been the worst

days around me crawl
forever bursts
and never hurts

do not hold it all inside
they say
but where to put the moat?
i seldom ever gloat

come take me home and home
to me is where someone left smiles
to be
written on and purged
beside the barest urge
of opulence

these rule the beast
and we might talk him dead

best is best
and seldom do the best
forget their head?

their skirt
their hope to muddle through

all sound and wary day!
oh merry say!
i was confused
but not from paths
oh no
never –it is the rest
(the rest of them, the THEY!)
not getting how the sun

a sun it never sets!

it smashes through
time into dark of second best
of wide a mark and never due

take 10 worries as you like
the morning strikes!
a fit holds hundreds tight
i knew it all

but chose to see in only
smallest doses –rich mediocrity!
no sadness borne for good or end

stand back my friend!
i’m coming through!
if i should step on lemons
slip and slide
oh my we’ll merely make a pie
and bury i and u

sing for dessert
a final verse
to laugh until all crying’s done
we could be worse

it is enough
enough is me
will settle for the thought
spun and looked upon

don’t break the sun!
it cracks posterity

life simply was
and all we have are pockets full
of maybe and because

well one last thing
i always thought the hope for king
was poor
and poor was sad
down to my very bones
i have this ache

that tells me tomorrow is new



3 Replies to “never seen kabam”

  1. Hi Eileen, sometimes you poets could just as easy say, say, today instead of saying, the day before yesterday’s day after yesterdays tomorrows next day. Just making a little light fun, as the days don’t always have to be so dark.

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