say it isn’t grow

that’s an interesting thought
person, place, or thing (noun)
the identification of

yet the malady is not a verb
it isn’t the action or being acted upon
it becomes a thing

does making a cold
a fever
the noun
something to HAVE

does that create a more generalized
acceptance of diagnosis?

then moved onto people themselves
being labeled after their malady
you are a diabetic
you are mentally ill
you are autistic

acceptance of a state
as a thing

a thing you can HAVE
or a thing to be
…… prejudgment?

you can have a fever
but you are not a fever
you can have a headache
but you are not a headache
(well, some of us are)

a symptom you have
a disease
used to be that it was something to have
but now more and more you are
the thing that inflicts

a finality to being the illness
it is not being acted UPON
it is stasis
a part of consequence
a finality of inevitability
determined by medicine (how powerful
do we want body fixers to BE)

does that mean no longer
a human WITH
a fever
a cold

you are a fever
you are a headache…..
(well that can happen)

perhaps we let language decide too many things

perhaps a person, place, and thing
should remain

more of the reality

i have a need (to write, to live)
or is need something
that has me
that acts upon me?

is fear something you have
or is fear something that has you?

a fear of
the fear of
gripped by fear

always a struggle
this thing, language

yet it is not a thing
it is something we do
to one another?

or something
that molds a collective vision
language is direction

are we going the right way
one of these things is not like the other
identification of good
warding of bad

when it comes to
noun verb adjective adverb
structure created to be ignored

good will to man
inclusive fitness…. term used for ants
thinking best for the self
or best for the whole

in language have we become problematic
how much is said without saying anything

i am fear
i am chances

going forward is staying in place
some part of you has to stay in place
to remember

the best way to be found is to sit still
but who is looking
but who is hunting

who is need?

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