economics of minimum wage #minimumwage

Wallstreet is gambling. It is betting on companies and corporations like they were horses. And in the same way Vegas rakes in the money from gambling, so does Wallstreet. House always wins…

Good or bad? Income disparity is bad due to direction more than amounts. So numbers needed are the progression of disparity over time. Which I think I’ve seen a chart on that and it doesn’t look good. House always wins, but the gambling used to bolster industry. Real miracle is that it hasn’t fallen flat more often than it has? Investment is respected, yet no different than millions sitting at a black jack table. No different than lotteries used to support schools. I don’t know what to think of any of it anymore. Definition of gambling is to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Government spending more than it takes in is simply a progression of tactics up the ladder. In the same breath, should be saying no one and absolutely no one should be taking out a mortgage for buying a home. Do you make changes from the top down, or the bottom up?

Main problem with less$ among the greater numbers, means less purchasing (except food, why do you think WalMart branched into groceries?) and less purchasing means less support for those industries that are racing each other on Wallstreet. So like everything in life, it is the balance. Keeping the ship afloat. I think asking if the ship is worthy to set sail is impossible at this point, our grandfathers and great grandfathers decided that for us….? Was minimum wage a good decision? Probably. So we either back it (with adequate increases) or we don’t.

Minimum wage was a joke when I was a teenager. It didn’t stand for the best amount to have a “living” wage. It stood for the very least amount an employer had to pay its employees. And was sign of how strong the company is, with a better wage meaning you might keep your job longer because the company might stay in business longer. When it’s all said and done, it doesn’t matter how much money anybody takes-in, if they don’t learn how to spend it wisely. But what does that mean?

So are looking at a two-pronged approach: Increases to minimum wage. And REAL economics taught as low as the grade school level.

Don’t assume your child is going to learn how to spend money, by taking that dollar and buying a piece of candy. Because it’s not just math. It’s economics and economics is about balance.

On the same post/thread where I started this writing, one person is telling another they should write a book on “getting ahead.” *big huge sigh* Grandmother used to call that the “get rich quick idiots.” Can you get rich quick? Yes – but generally not without losing integrity along the way. You watch the patterns come and go. Anyone who has stayed up late to see the infomercials, after the target-audience that doesn’t have a job to go to in the morning — well, they are of course geared to profit the one SELLING the ideas. And that of course, ties into the main structure of a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid scheme is a little like what everything is “stuck into” right now. There were those who set the pattern as two pyramids, touching at their tops. As it is above so it is, below. What is the scramble all about? Generally speaking, the initiation of this economic pattern is what gave a “boost” to the U.S. to protect itself in time of need. Now we are trying to decide what to do with our super surplus of gigantic super rocket fuel.

And how the INDIVIDUAL gets to live, is the bottom line. If you lose that, you’ve lost the purpose.

On a different, sort of spiritual note…. have you ever noticed the difference between walking into an economically sound home, verses a non-economically sound home? A person might have all the latest furniture, the newer tract home or even a mansion, and you can FEEL the edge of the cliff that it all stands on. Whereas you can enter what amounts to a shack, and detect how stable it is. Or the opposite. Though I must say that more “mansions” feel unstable than just a typical middle class home.

I don’t know why this is, I just know that I can tell the difference. Maybe it has to do with being able to “smell” desperation. I don’t know. But have always known, that it’s not how much money you have, its what you do with it. And money itself is abstract, it is an idea. A concept. Concepts come and go, and they change shape as well as definition.

What it’s about is that stability. What it’s about is having a home that doesn’t teeter on a cliff. If more would focus on that, rather than what we have always called the rat race, the pursuit of happiness might be a real thing.

We also say money can’t buy happiness, then turned around and used the saying to mean the opposite. Yet the truth is that there is living large, and living small. There is focus on the self, and there is focus on the whole. Balance. Where we have the signs and symbols of that all around us. A child is much more likely to learn what a fulcrum is, before they learn economics. I myself preferred to stand on the fulcrum, while other kids played on the teeter totter. And I would balance the weight, to either side, so it would give them a less jarring up and down.

So what is minimum wage? Something that steadies things a bit. You can also work at a fulcrum to make nobody go anywhere. That has to be understood, and real projections need to be made. Hit and miss experimentation done city by city, is a little infantile. Sit down with the numbers, and make a decision.

As for the get rich quick, telling someone they should write a book and sell their ideas, is not a compliment. it is saying your approach is not getting you ahead far enough, so should feed it to the gullible bottom fish to raise yourself higher on the pyramid. can you blame people for scrambling? not really. whole thing is based on need. and the perception of need is just as strong as actual need.

up and down
up and down
where does the ring around the rosie
go next

the tie that binds
the standing in lines
dependence is simply a bet?

how will it come
to wide, better ends
where only a buffalo roams
as your pets
and the great open skies
within clean crisper air
says all that it needs to say

for always and ever a hope will be there
while children can laugh as they play

how to compete
how to be sure
my darlings… i never knew
because life isn’t hard if you smile
at the source
and give what you can to the crew

we all had our answers
all had our go
what can you say for yourself?
if the self never knows….

take the time to be happy
the hope to be sad
and all actions that tender
the good with the bad

not much to believe in
not much to repeat
a dawn of next days is a dawn

a cycle that brings us
back to square one
might all build a house
with a lawn

day hasn’t ended
night’s not that bad
in the end what you have
is had



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