gone the way of

when did old stop being a good thing?
gone the distance
they don’t build them like they used to
how did time become something detrimental
rather than a sign of endurance?

the answer he gave is “your computers are too old”
? as if that was an explanation for software programming incorrect refresh rates …

because that is the answer with the young now– it’s too old
throw it out
buy new
(even medicine has gone to modes of throw it out and put in the new)

and i’m like what happened to ME? i was the same:
the Maverick is too old, i want NEW
yet if i had kept it all these years
who knows how far she could have gone?
regrets and more regrets …
throw away society where proving your worth
means nothing if you aren’t on the “fad” list
of cool, new and better
within horizons that will not go the distance, now
machines built to self-destruct

i am angered
i am worried
i am falling down into my own traps
from my own youth

how to teach wisdom minus the age?
at some point someone has to make a decision

that new isn’t always improved
that time honors those who repair, fix
and endure
that “popular” does not make something work right
that if you can coax a little more life out of something
even a little more out of your own life
that is a good thing
that is the right thing to be doing

somehow in saving an old machine, i see myself as saving myself…
for we are all old machines
being replaced by the new and what of the programming?
is it better or worse?
how does a future look when we forget
that you don’t have to be a classic
to be the right answer

he said, “your computers are too old”
and i just stared dumbfounded at the screen…

staring at myself.


4 Replies to “gone the way of”

  1. Hi, it’s D’ again. What is saying is that the newer operating systems are asking for resources that were simply not available until about 2010 or 2011. **** I like Ubuntu. You say it’s a little rough for the people that your are trying to help. You might be surprised. Ubuntu is quite a lot simpler than the “new” windows. I agree with you. I too have old computers. Being old dose not stop them from running. Widows 7 is still supported, and will run on must older hardware. – D’

    1. yes they have some driver hacks to get the intel graphics chip to run on 7…. but i would have to buy a copy and 7 is still running $100 a pop. looks like the problem might be a registry setting used to determined power settings for screen brightness. will see

  2. and its not just use…. because you’re right, they have taken ubuntu a different direction. but its the compatibility, and how i don’t want to be on the phone explaining why they can’t open a Word document….

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