pointed tactics

line between the dots
a simple exercise of connect
focusing importance on the numbers
etched succession

yet life is lived on the line
the in between
the now

to be in the moment holds
greater reward

or is it always about getting there?
always the plan
overshadowing choppier
bigger pictures

i lift my eyebrows a lot at the world
did notice that
like a tic that gives away


yet the thing is get to see yourself
i would recommend the exercise
to any who have had arguments with a mirror

film yourself in 3 second clips
three or four word statements
throughout your day

put them together

decide you aren’t that horrible to look upon
if ignore the gap between teeth
and the propensity to smile too wide
when pain lurks just under the surface

the in between
the lines
the now

life has been dots on a journey to this and that
never quite pleased with the here
i wonder how i will remember to look down

to fall up
dots the deliverance on lines
where goals are numbered

proven through metered succession:
first you go to school
then you get a job
find a mate
have kids
send them to school
then to a resthome
where you hope your drool
doesn’t belie how much you very much
don’t care at that point

this point for me is way off the page
looking for lines that don’t exist
no answer to the next number
no picture formed that involves
anything greater than abstract discretion

and the dots
God help us with those dots
designs of reference
lost in an eager yawn

image courtesy of:   http://kidscoloringsource.com/connect-dots-coloring-pages/
image courtesy of:

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