bug hunt

only slightly inordinately frustrating.  so far the acer notebook is “free” from what apparently effects a system at a driver level.  that’s what i have so far.  now am doing a “reset” on the vaio (Pinky).  Pinky showed the same responses even after a clean install of the OS.  so am just going to follow the same process that seemed to clean up the notebook computer.

the “reset” function does a little more than even a clean-install — because it resets and removes drivers to the hardware.  little bit of a pain then to reinstall.  on the acer notebook, i had forgotten how i originally figured out to install its drivers with Windows 10.  so i can expect similar things on Pinky — driver issues where will have to go through install again.

thing is, i can’t figure out then why the uninstall of a gadgets program would “fix” the google plus text input field, until you do a test entry posting on facebook …. then goes nuts again even without any gadget program installed.  that would suggest that it has nothing to do with the gadgets.  except why did google plus text entry ‘right’ itself after uninstalling gadgets?  and no matter what i do, i can’t reproduce the effect on the notebook that has had no gadgets installed.


i’m not sure what this is about.  it might even be something as simple as a saved google link that is saved to the cloud as part of IE favorites.

i am so puzzled at this point — but looks like is something that effects a system at a driver level.  otherwise, the reinstall of the OS on Pinky would have stopped the problem.  UNLESS it is something — some setting being stored to “the cloud”


i know to most, this kind of thing is boring.  to me, it’s like a detective novel — did colonel mustard do it in the dining room with a candlestick?

i hate the “new” bee boop text editor in wordpress, btw. but maybe … ok i can switch it to html. that is all i want. just a little consistency…..

on a bug hunt and when i’m through
i guess i’ll have a barbeque
roast them up
and settle down
to a working computer
with much less frowns


will see. the funny thing is now i need to do everything i can to “reproduce” the bad responses on the acer notebook, which would tell me if it is NOT the gadget pack install. wouldn’t tell much else. might be looking at a type of keylogger infection — except those can’t really last beyond a system reinstall. well……. i’m done mulling outloud. a solution will present itself. at very least i should be able to get whatever it is off of Pinky — i hope.

at same time, i will see if i can delete some of the cloud saves on the Microsoft account. i like to double-up my probability factors. thing is, i don’t know why i like to do that. logically, you should test one variable at a time, to isolate effect. but i like to pile on a few, and go from there….




Feedback always welcome

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