pit of the peach

we’re just a side effect of the universe
when a cold sets in
on top of sinusitis
it’s like every bit that normally
is ruled by infection
now has a cold virus squirming in it

my teeth actually itch
there is no way to relieve
teeth itching
the itch is on the inside
like a cast that itches
there is no way to stop the itch
that isn’t stupid and futile

so i wait
life becomes about waiting for it all to be over

a side effect to the universe
is that what man IS?
possible…. can’t know because it is the inside of a peach
trying to decide what peach fuzz feels like
a nut
a seed
trying to see what the sky screams out
when it’s not busy dying
to yet more rhythm
and more beat

first must be free from the damnation of repetition
then must decide how to rule complacency

how to measure ticks of a common place
not that complicated

but you want to see the self
yet your seeing is from the self

some trust others
some have decided that peach fuzz
feels like a million different things at once

for the seed gets to decide the next planting

mankind is just a side effect to the universe
or part of bigger function
or a nice surprise

but i doubt very much
out of all life here
and all element everywhere
…. that man is the intent of the universe

feed that ego and you will be sitting on your death
wondering what happened to your box of cracker jacks
minds are all about looking around for proof that
life is special

and it is
but not for the ways that most think

life is the drop of freedom
to dream
and the dream that makes freedom happen




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