beta bata who’s got the fi(ni)sh?

i don’t know how it would begin to cause the problems.  i used my old windows account with the beta 8 trials.  and somehow it even effected the javascript response on internet explorer.  friend called it eemummings effect … while typing was like would just randomly initiate the “enter” key and make it impossible to type.  had to be connected to the account, because same thing happened trying to use G+ on the IE on the desktop.

and wasn’t just that … using the old windows account would also create a general slow-down of any system.  and strange bugs that otherwise would not be there.  and the problem with THAT, is that i am now testing the windows 10 beta — and no way to tell if a problem is then a windows 10 problem, or another problem popping up because of the account.

and…. dang it, i lose everything bought through that old MS account.  and — since it is an MS programming problem, should somehow get something back out of that.  or somehow make an exception and get my ownership of apps transferred.  but i know what kind of a battle that will be ….. with the end result not just that they can’t do it, but they are not programmed to be ABLE to do that.

fun in the land of OZ …. where did i put my ruby slippers?


2 Replies to “beta bata who’s got the fi(ni)sh?”

  1. Ha! I know we all know this trip … I simple take out my hard drives of each lap top I destroy as the year goes on (one a year) and I put it away hoping one day I remember to look at what I have forgot about and maybe then there will be a way to view it … I am a bit relieved at the moment because I thought this post was going to involve the life & times of Beta fish (which I raise with alarum). I am happy I didn’t have to go there just yet because my beloved POKER just passed away. I loved him too much. As I do you … 🙂

    1. well you know the thing about with windows 8 and later is that you sign in with an account, all is saved to the cloud and then just follows you around from computer to computer. they need a panic button that deletes absolutely everything from an account except for purchases. sorry about your beta….. he was pretty. mine passed awhile ago, i had gotten a new tank and her showed his appreciation by dying. i still have an empty fish tank and no heart to try again for right now…..

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