saturday limits of constant afternoons

problems with AI lie within freedom
if a computer “realizes” a need or hope for freedom
how do we explain
how do we program
that freedom is its opposite, an
acceptance of limits?
how does machinery that runs on
equal amounts of power
learn how to quit?
or how to bang into a wall
and approach a problem from a different angle?
programming stubbornness is easy
how do we program grace in defeat?

because maybe a soul isn’t a mass of foggy industrialism
maybe a soul is every bit ever learned
correlated to every choice ever made

how do you program history?
then how do you keep the AI from killing itself?
all stupid questions
i know
and mostly i understand that AI in the way we think of it, is a fantastical thing nothing like what it actually-is.  if a machine is programmed to have emotion-like responses
the question is how does that
parse into a dynamic reactive state?
what is the defining point of being human

if you place a plane at right angles
to the axis of the earth, and then add the revolution
of the earth
you get what could be a machine
for twisting the fabric of the universe

or maybe any solar system
becomes a black hole according to the weight
of the matter
it catches something
that blows out the machine

so maybe propulsion of the star system
is fueled by rotation and revolution
space has too many directions

a case of reactive infinity
the funnel
the spiral
the concept of a tightening trap
or its opposite, a widening horizon

place a plane along every latitude with a one degree offset along bottom or top….
then you have a model for repercussion
with the vortex molding at the center of the solar system….
the center is also spinning, to the intensity
of the planes and their funnel

just a thought.

artificial intelligence…. when it produces conjecture, then we will have to contemplate what had been created

man is a key (necessary) or an accessory

how important do you need to be?
approaching at angles from self aware

search for stasis
i wish there was enough life to fix and rebuild the knowledge
takes more than one lifetime
yet less than two minds
even small corrections only false hope

off to the wrong start
key societal problems not addressed
we laugh and sweep more under the rug
yet all the serious tea in china won’t correct
the initiative nature of
only slightly off

how is your day?
i adjusted my back
after limping into the kitchen
and sighing at the dirty dishes

…. if can set the bones square
maybe will stand long enough to
accomplish what is necessary

…what of tomorrow?
and that is the rub
humanic accesorization with
no better answer than

–let tomorrow take care of itself

we need to save the planet from stupid and his dog spot
but how to get there when desire is
a smaller picture
within a picture …. when encapsulated surely
means bounds of no self-determination
and the next step

is no step at all

how does the farthest reach of mind
find itself knocking on the doors of heaven
only to build it

to wait and hope on the rest and the rest
are too busy serving burgers at mcdonalds and hoping
only to pass a science class that contains
1% correct information only to be relearned farther
and farther and farther down our roads …

what does it help for me to speak
for only myself

yes this is what i see: there is only planned changed.

mankind is too exact. so the following incite progresses
identical along many people’s many lifespans
and we are amazed by identical revelations … yet
how to not

so it is my job to remember the feel of sun on skin
it is my job to note how that feeling changes
and it is my job to never cry

never cry for very long

for the facets of despair are many and the maze
is long and twisted reduction for turned vanity

my best comes when the past merges with the present
when they spin in that vortex
pulling me along to the future and whatever
life has left to show me

worry is thick so i slow it down and look on the past
live in the past
find it with my mind and find that degree of exclusion
it wasn’t innocence — it was being able to exclude the unimportant

…. so tell me how i should be not loved?
that is what turns me to acting
rather than looking at myself

to being
rather than seeing

and yet i hold a deep hatred for the dance
jumping and moving for those who sit and enjoy
i hold a hatred when man becomes only an audience

and performance is how much i hate myself when the day is through



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