if rust crumbles

it was an ok day following a worse day. plans seemed to fall apart in slow motion. i arrived late because gabbing over the last sips of coffee, and time hasn’t meant a lot to me since punching a clock at SpectraMed. some things are fortuitous, and tardiness allowed me to forgo the reading of the first page. how to be more like Christ and less like yourself?

there was discussion, all bouncing between fear and death–fear and God. questions circling back to who and what is the individual, if only made to end life with a sigh? part of me was asking why she dyed her hair purple. other part of me was glad to have some chaotic insight. we all have trouble with pride, and i wish only to bridge the more obvious gaps. in exiting the building there was an invigoration, so i remarked to my cousin, “i have to remember to go slowly down the stairs.” he said, “yes, better to be careful.”



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