remainders of mathematical paradise

10 ways to diagnose a blue screen of death
finally boots to the XP
before diving into the failure

everything screaming hardware failure
yet how many parts can you replace
before deciding the programming
remains a mystery?

wounded drivers a sick reflection
of inept control
i see the patterns and
think how normal people
just press a power button

yet normal in this case
in every case
means simply majority
or the majority simple
within complex nature of circuits
so many things can take wrong paths…
console myself with
angry probability of miracles
time ignored
discovery holds greater roots
how does consistency compete?

blank comparisons
that are actually contrasts
difference key to
settling all alike
however into the furthermore
the greatest gaps consider function
for a larger part of desire

one and yet extremes within the whole
happy designed congruent to miserable
every individual view resplendent in its own awakening

many ways to find answers
yet every way to direct a question
is it only me?
each time i want greatness
part of my brain
remembers how the sand gets everywhere
and yet a beach is so much more than sand…

and i think of kindness
what it means to put yourself in someone else’s shoes
how our aching world gives overt opportunity
to decide faith is only luck

thing is … there are many ways around
what is only human
yet so many ways into
what is better than the next survival

i give it my all?
we all do
though at some point would have to confess
that no
i keep reserves
i note patterns and decide what is
for me as well as others

if all for others
how does one march into eternity
without a tighter and tighter spiral of bitter?
bitter grapes bitter grasp
though the formula is clear
an open mind is what every simple doctrine
yet what does that mean?

so i see this person and that
decide which i admire and which i
think no, not so much
and then go the other way

so are we all reactive opposites?
and this
this is what creates the greater part
of seeing all in holographic fractal completion

what is growing? (rast)?
the inevitable nature of repetition
and yet each quality of despair becomes unique

and in that i am encouraged by even worst outcomes
a blue screen of death is something every programmer dreads
yet … i dread more my nagging question
what are computers FOR?

it must function well
it must function well!
what is the function again?

every kind part of me … an inner dialog
will note interactive spirals and touchings
the formation as it settles into information
identical sparks wishing for something
beyond group redaction
exact timings from one to the next (space)
intervals and gradations
all a made-up gift of man’s mind
within (our) collective insanity we call control…

how does a simple statement bring peace?
oh it is company
nothing more … where sometimes a better guest
is a shadow
glimmers of twilight speaking benevolence

so give me a perfect computer
and i will ask “where did you put my world?”
and therefore it is the fault that goes on as original

it is the imperfection that is the best part of
even though we argue that to shore up the sides

my legacy would counsel productively predictive wariness
except that life is anything but
the next time you have to stand up to take a bow

remember how they made fun of us with wind up, clapping monkeys?
remember sand is not the beach
remember life (God) is not the self (that’s kind of the point)

remember perfection is masked in redundant possibility
like success
it lives in the clouds
and we stand on the ground

i guess because it’s there



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