not that it matters
i don’t know how to express how much it doesn’t matter
that only the fact of attack is what matters
is note-worthy
for they just die off and who is harming who?
they are harming themselves
a time when stupid can be fatal? yes.
a weakness
a chink in the armor
but then attacks to broaden that gap
(and knew – oh knew percentage already there)
to make larger if they could
which they can’t
only shows they don’t know that
they can’t
and good old news is training enemies well
propaganda the greater side of valor
of course today is shot
tension riding up shoulders to explode in the head
but the thing i can’t explain
is that i know those faces
i know how drunk they get every weekend
i know how many porno movies they made
i know how much money would never satisfy them
i know those faces and pity doesn’t help
world is full of lost causes
i know those faces
i can read where they’ve been
anything is possible but mostly do the math
so a group is getting paid maybe several hundred thousand
to knock defenses by .00001 % ?

what is desperation?
how do we tame what despises the smallest kindness
dawning of the age of the bottom fish
what is unreasonable fear?

who knows —i don’t
just know part of duty is continuance
the old guard knows that
so does the new

it’s the in between that will just have to fend for themselves.
if they don’t understand responsibility
god bless them on their way
the number itself is useful

like a national IQ test
ambivalence won’t flunk it
survival is rule number one
rule number two — always watch your own back
rule number three — never let them see you cry

question is not what is a best decision
for that was made
understand made? past tense. not about to change
just because fear is the number one pastime of idiots
doesn’t mean everybody else needs to pay them any mind

question is how far is stupid a traitor when it gets itself killed?
well we could decide on fines for the ground zeros

you betcha.

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