surprise and predictive nothing

oh you want a definition of insanity?
how much time do you have?

insanity is hearing, smelling, seeing
anything that no one else hears, smells, or sees

but by that definition, dogs are insane
eagles, too
maybe gophers

emotion out of control – laughing, crying
too happy or too sad … that is insanity
so anyone with ovaries is insane
and also those who have watched too many Disney movies

paranoia is insane,
but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you anyway
conspiracy theories same thing –
true or not true, you’re still insane
if you believe you have been lied-to about important events

and btw — they all lie
lying is never insane
unless one is prone to obvious lies
and then it is insanity due to stupidity

(i don’t lie, but am already deemed
insane so no amount of lying will improve
that assessment)

insanity is deciding on a certain level of
self-importance. now this includes the
jesus complexes, the grocery clerk
that won’t do a price check,
and every single mental health worker

it does exclude the actual jesus,
all those who went to the 1981
Journey “Escape” concert and lived to
tell about it,
and my great great aunt Gloria who had
awesome taste in jewelry

but i know what you want
you want a fun phrase that is just clever enough
yet just ridiculous enough

insanity is breathing underwater
while you have your head in the clouds ….

insanity is crying over something you can’t prevent,
and preventing something that makes you cry

insanity is mopping the floor with an enemy
when you should have used a broom

insanity is stopping to smell the flowers
then forgetting that it’s a Tuesday

insanity is opening the mail with huge expectations
even though you know it’s only an ad pretending to be a check

insanity is many things
it’s even about having too much hope, too much trust, too much

but it’s not about trying something again and again expecting different results
that would mean every second marriage is insanity
would mean that when you try for the third time to open your facebook account
and it finally works — you are insane because a normal person would
never ever try to open up their account again

i hear the scorn and mumbles! “so what —it’s just a stupid saying –everyone knows it’s wrong.”
….. no, they don’t. that is the problem. no they don’t
folk are really that stupid
and then it works as an excuse for quitters

we had a saying growing up
“you can do anything you set your mind to”

that didn’t mean that it was always going to happen on the first try
if you want something you can do to risk sanity
try drugs and alcohol

or forgetting. forgetting will make you insane

is it sanity to do the same thing
over and over and expect the same results?

is it sanity to never verify results?

being nuts is not the worst thing that could happen to you
you could be inflicted with hatred
or distraction
we find a little bit more of ourselves in insanity
and in many ways others are jealous
insanity is succumbing to fear
and yet being fearless

stupidity is saying the same lies over and over
and expecting different results
yet we even have
“me thinks he doth protest too much”
everybody knows that the craziest person in the room
is the one who believes they are infallible

it’s a great big wonderful world….
insanity….whatever insanity is, it’s not about being the hero
it’s not about being the clown….no

thing ………… that thing always seen from the outside

and the inside

the inside is what you make it


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