land the main

pot and pot
forget and forget
violent sex
boycotting movies
facing fracking
explaining weather
answers to islam
ic state
weight collapses
oil burns
earth shakes
light conducts
computers dream
and still my body wakes
not ready for the day
only shadow plays
how far is far
fetes never touch the ground
though fairly there
when sky’s the limit
limited day
limited hope
remainder is the smile
with sad at its edges
eyes closing
every bright revival
it was nothing
and everything
best of times worsening
answers inside
yet repeating
enemies and friends
harm and healing
what was love when
pain ignored all faults
brought to bare
why should any spark
of silver care?
the start
and then the end
the only thing that counts
and counted is you are
my friend
beginning now and ever
fix the turn
no ice will ever burn
to suffocate the last
my soul beyond repast
there is but one request
for every life must have its wish
i hope that dignity remains
for those who suffer
bitter laughs
i wish for life to find its balance
as no metaphor
can find an aching will



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