even now


couldn’t let it go unanswered
fascism comes out in many ways
even in the mirror
if i look hard enough…
but never cruel
some don’t have it in them
and i’m one of those some
but couldn’t let it go unanswered
even the dimmest
could see the marks of selfish
and is not about opposite ways
for of course, we all choose our own

is about the degree of scorn
and how none of that scorn was earned
was deserved
and i could have used just a few expletives
yet didn’t work on the Nazi’s and would not
work here
for only intelligence matters to those
plastered into their own grooves of superiority
the only risk is the stoop
the stoop to level and i know heart enough
to know let me stoop and i will be
the bad….

for others — even you —
will let it go

but i won’t
because i know that particular one
and if it wasn’t over that
would have been about another
or the next
or even a race struggling to survive
past judgment
because an enemy continues
pops up elsewhere the fascist dreams
i lived them and oh it has a sting
would be one and the same

i would be


if it weren’t for one thing
i had a teacher

a teacher — not a leader
she made me see the depth of

not just the shiny surface of unrighteousness
she made sure i knew
down to my own bones

why we are better and less
more and complete
done and renewing ….

there are greater things in life
always have been
a reason for good fortune

grateful wills find the new day

and perhaps is no matter,
for friendship ignores many slights
fools come in many guises
even me

even so



2 Replies to “even now”

    1. this is a new one that changes the header picture to whatever is the featured picture. and does a nice job on the coding so it shows well on every device.

      and thanks — when comes to psychiatry have always felt more understanding is better.

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