ads and apps

it’s one thing to say if you pay us
more money we will add features to a service

and another thing to add objectionable features
and say we will take the bad stuff away
if you pay

the first is business
the second is extortion

extortion has become so commonplace in the
business of apps and app stores
that it has become an accepted norm
accepted practice to rob you blind

the app business is more akin to used car sales
except even they
do not tend to fill a vehicle with horse poop
and then charge you to remove the poop

even car sales didn’t stoop that low
pay extra for a radio
pay extra for an alarm
but normally did not run the car into a pole
and then say it will cost you extra if you want a car without dents

so i’m not sure how extortion in the app business
became a standard
i’m not sure why nobody stopped this
not that much any business
is concerned with ethics these days

for awhile i believed that they really
are building arks where you have
to have enough money for a ticket–
where all people would lie, cheat, and steal
because it meant life and death….

but i waited
no flood came
no giant rush to arks
no rescuing space ships

just more ads in the mail box
more desperation
i turn the brass key
and sigh as i note the growing stack of screams
pleading for your time
just a moment to hear a sales pitch
i hear them as the ads slip
through my fingers into the trash

ads and apps
chase of the almighty dollar
business is business

i flip my phone into the air and catch it
tuck it into my pocket
and think maybe something will save us

maybe something can save us yet



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