health le fem

the events are more like a sci-fi film
with a bent of gratuitous sex
used to sell the weak dialogue

at what point…
i’m just curious
at WHAT point does dignity matter

oh let me remove this for you
you don’t need this awful dignity stuff
wouldn’t you much prefer a large dose
of humiliation and embarrassment?

and then to make it a choice
of you can forfeit your dignity
or you can lose your life

you can have sex with the general
or we will give you the firing squad

i don’t know it is feeling way too much
like a purposeful manipulation
it is a sad thing
and forces a person to choose
between their life and their dignity

maybe dignity doesn’t mean a lot to many
and maybe then dignity is cheapened
human life is cheapened
and the next move is to ask
why is every woman
being taught how to lie there
and just take it?

some day we will look back and laugh
but probably not



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