preoccupied chin up

sunshine at the beginning of the day
but i wasn’t fast enough to beat the storm
the whirlwind of tuned arrival
no mind to be left indoors
movie settling its ambient score
sparely open lungs and eyes

i was a better person
for a work that cauterized
the bleed of strength…
to forms of expectation
known at length
as norms of stark survival

yet the pathway’s clear
for all that heart and weary soul held dear
the proof is in the pudding, true
if ever i were to rescue you
you’d call it queer
a long wide-past invitation
to see one better side to fifty coins

yet where i marked my way
the ways are joined
and in this silence now
are winds of storm –they rise!

to elevate my prize
which is a smile
hope saw you far beyond the need for guile
and tossed rewards…

there will be far more to this life
it’s played on cards
yet spoken strife
for time has turned around
i knew you wept
true tears of heart
in beats that slept

decided to forgive the furthest step
where all as if it happened
not at all

for you and i the greatest of the small
yet wonder ever brought into each skill
of us and ours

we count the stars
and leave them burning brightly
ever filled

too slow and miss the day yet what i miss
is childhood hopes and dreams
forever captured in smooth memory

put you there for
all those cares are nothing needed
somehow spared
the crossroads bring me peace

and yet i yearn
to see another life surpassed
in fete of wings
all yet to be forgotten…

have we won?
oh dear — it was decided at the start
though never played its part
my coldest name
was hers
and hers before

not called for next horizons
given best
we set our fears to rest there
was not part of me
but all that came and saw

and loved you still



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