and the mull goes on

so today continues to be a
flu-type day
general case
of ‘blahs’ due to tiny invaders
been meaning to examine the
psychology behind gambling
and dreams last night were
of vegas and gambling
that desperation to get enough
to be “up” rather than “down”
(the dollar coins were unusually large)

i wanted to look at how gambling infects
to where there is a gamble
or chance
a factor of ‘lucky’ or not so lucky
but not only that
the driven factor, the ‘backed into a corner’
which is a part
of perceptions woven around money itself….

the concept of MORE

the nature of ‘reward’

the rat who runs the maze correctly
and gets his treat

is gambling a treat for no ‘reason’ ??
so enforces perhaps upon the need
the human need for inherent worth
same in that sense as unconditional love
that parent that has to love the child
the hope for a fundamental gain
for no other reason than that you are worthy

worthy without trying
worthy without giant achievements
worthy to deserve as much
worthy to deserve more

so that ties into susceptibility
to gambling — to that need for
a real or undiscriminative stroke of fortune

that also ties in with blame
the blame against others or other factors
creating lacks or unnecessary hardship

so we have blame and gamble on either side of the
teeter totter
–what is the fulcrum….?


perhaps insecurity
dejected nature struggling for a sense
of self-worth

sort of the pit you never climb out-of
when chosen last for the team

then how do we as a group
as a nation — heal those
enamored by gambling?

and furthermore, is it a problem or is it
a joy — a necessary up or down to create
flux or an appreciation for all else that is steady?

though am ok with that to a point
except those who profit from large population-wide psychologies
will work to effect and enhance those psychologies which profit them …

so then might get an “unnatural” need in a populace
to experience gambling
with no regard by the “profiteer” for other fall-out
from their manipulations….

and that is why i believe should be looked-at

if you had to replace las vegas with something more healthy
what would it be?


Feedback always welcome

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