unlabled tin man

so utah politics are run by the mormons
and many mormons have property investment
as landlords (don’t ask me it’s part of their business acuity) so most
of the legislation is unbelievably skewed
in favor of the landlord
so health department excludes mold specifically
as reason for unfit conditions

and it’s nice of them to warn that you can
contact the health department
and they can speak with the landlord
who then can, and probably will evict you
under the a no-cause eviction
in as little as 15 days would find yourself
without a home because want
the landlord to fix something

it is why so many rentals here are more like slums
why there is such dejection
in tenents because there are no rights
it makes renting itself a more insecure
says it right in the health department pdf
that contacting the health department will
just get you evicted

i don’t even know what to think about that
corruption knee deep
utah is bad and the mormon church is bad
they don’t care for the unfortunate,
or the lower class…. they hit them over the head with one hand
and shake hands with the other….
aren’t you glad now you came to church?

sure you are
have some wonder bread and water
give us 10% of that lower class income
plus pay us rent
and no we didn’t evict you
because of something you said
of course not

now when will you be able to work at our canning plant?



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