global warming anyone?

let’s talk about the weather for a moment
i’m wondering if there is an explanation
for why spring arrived in January
February also spring
so shall we have winter in the summer
and summer next winter?

oh but part of me doesn’t mind
not a bit
though the natives
are a little perplexed
trying to remember how far back
it was
no snow for the winter

i just thought on it once
in december
thought struck me how would it be
to go the rest of the winter with no snow
and here we are….
this place where winter lasts longer
sometimes snowing in june

so the snow queen must have died in her sleep
after a very successful reign
long live the sunshine…

birds this morning twittering
and rejoicing in a very early spring
i smile with a deep chuckle
it’s still not california
but is close to albuquerque

maybe the cities can patch the roads
with the money they save on plowing
though will probably just use it
for their next anti-smoking campaign

a little irony for you there … see i look at the cars
see each as competing with me for oxygen

the psychology of an exoskeleton
too large a temptation
for our weakening populace

spring is here
like some kind of miracle
i just asked “what if…”

very first time came to salt lake
that very day
storm dumped 6 feet of snow
it was january
and taught myself how to drive in snow
remember saying “come on baby”
to the nissan as my frozen fingers tapped the wheel

streets are clear, you know
the birds are back
folks are perplexed
and i still chuckle

god forgive me but sometimes
the unvoiced prayers are the nicest gifts

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