realm of no excuses

i had that happen with Jazz kitty once
was after i got her back
when i was home from the hospital
she somehow got the idea
could mis-behave and go where she wanted
so i let her know that was not acceptable

generally only have to do that once or twice
so i don’t see the problem

by being soft-hearted, you are not being “kind”
because then looking at years of
pet clean-up and then a resentment
of the animal itself in so many ways
that hinders a good pet/human relationship

so to feel ‘better’ about yourself
are putting them in greater distress
over time and putting yourself in greater stress

better to nip it in bud
put the foot down

so has always baffled me
to see those complaining
yet again
about a mis-behaving pet
yet again

so the pet then fulfills their role as another cross you have to bear….?
that’s not fair to them
and it was your choice
to train them correctly or not

things happen all the time where pets have to go to a new home…
so if yours is not house-trained
you just cut their chances down to zero

it really is not that hard
but instead of disciplining a cat
that is going to the bathroom where it wants —
folks taking pictures of it and
calling it a “what can you do?”

i’ll tell you what you can do
you can get off your butt
put your camera away
and housebreak your pet



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