oh as a last hurrah

yes because it is better to shut up if you might be wrong
to silence a pen if it doesn’t help others
to quell freedom of speech if words don’t inspire (enough?)
to forget about saying a thing if those words aren’t necessary…
(who decides if they’re necessary? oh right, all the fascists who are NOT you)
and never say anything unkind

because you must be perfect and pretend to care
even when you don’t

so the “think before you speak” acronym
could be simplified
to: lie, lie, lie, lie, and lie some more

make sure you have your lie in place before you open your mouth

but you know….

what about B for bravery
what about C for creativity
what about H for healing
what about F for friendship
S for sharing
and D for saying what you darn well please?

that spells bchfsd …not as catchy

thing is that censorship comes in many forms
if you want freedom for yourself,
have to give it to others.
and just because someone bites his tongue
with lie lie lie
….doesn’t give that person the right to
say others should do the same
or else they are bad bad bad

that’s just stupid, stupid, stupid
the best people i’ve known in my life
have been those who shoot from the hip
who tell you what they think
i admire that!

heaven’s sakes i’m sure some of the greatest speakers in history
were decried as being wrong, uninspiring, unnecessary, unkind, and of
no help to others
because that is where you take risks

that is where you are bchfsd … brave and gutsy
loving life
say what you mean
and mean what you say

~every honest thought is where eternity finds itself
somewhere between who i was yesterday
and what i will be tomorrow~



(send honest thoughts to hashtag: #bchfsd)



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