advocates on devil’s knee

so i have spent the morning
no work on the art
no great challenges
all gone
because the clock tells me so …

have used this time to field arguments
from why vaccinations are necessary
to why overpopulation
is not a good thing to why
government circulates money
as a machine
and why entitlement is a part
of humane ideals
also proving to benefit
the economy

so i sit here at noon
going ‘where did the morning go?’
day barely begun
while i went outside of my circles
always a danger
online it is the equivalent
of raiding the enemy camp
and then i think of how many
tells i’ve left pointing arrows
to this abode … so the anxiety
goes up

lot of crazies out there, after all
yet so much misinformation
and wrong structures of ideology
that becomes too much to ignore

and i turn back to me
to my life where i refill the coffee mug
and sigh heavily as go to make the bed
and note that sunshine is not outside,

find me a place that is safe
oh the weariness takes all forms
and i say so much that means so little…

comes down to my conscience is clean
from the aspect of “try”
and often to see the wide range
of army — oh it is armies
such as those spreading their belief
to not make use of vaccines

i cringe at all the fine lines that must be drawn
i cringe at how the job is not done and
how so many go gallivanting off on their campaign
where their generals are their enemy
they just don’t know it …
where would take so much in the way
of back-track to convince and educate
how men shorted women on math
and now get to see the fruits of that labor …

so what is our crisis of the day?
i want to know where my morning has gone
i want to know how i’m the one not working a “job”
i want to know why simple reason is such a difficult
task for all these numbers online while
those not online seem to manage a little better …

eh…. and i go on. brevity a better thing,
yes — i know

just listen for one moment more; i care a lot
about all of this
and the “because” on that is a little fuzzy

maybe i like debate
or maybe i’m just good at it
and i like to be good at something

or maybe i get a little dismayed about how easily public thought is jerked around…

so a combination of factors
yet believe it is important to speak out
balance of sides always the important thing



Feedback always welcome

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