drip drops

if you can express frustration
then helps diffuse the bomb
but it’s like no one wants
to listen or be
part of any understanding and i
think how that means others
want me to explode
enjoy the fireworks

and then i am sad
because it’s not like
i need every friend in the world…

just a few
just some kind of something
but a woman is not supposed to get indignant
is supposed to just do her ironing
and forget about the injustice
bury it all

until the next time

and how many times does it take
to get to the center of i no longer give a tortilla?
there’s no answer but i will tell you
that when i give up
that will be it and i won’t care enough
to get frustrated or angry

i’ll let it all flow and remember
how awful things are and how alone
it makes you when you can see and see
and see and not do anything because
change takes more than


some day i will explain why
i gave up as a kid and just watched everyone

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