pause to morph

well it’s important to communicate
in a way that cannot be replaced
by a computer

that is why falling into known patterns
might seem comforting
but in the end is not ideal

it’s a terrible day
filled with pain
and waking nightmare
hearing a buzz (like a fly?)
as big as bumble bee
in front of face
so jerk alive to make sure
nothing invaded THIS reality

only thing that big here would be one of those giant black spiders
so what i saw was a cross between
a fly and a spider

have this batman mug
and spoon has a blue handle
coffee maker the kind that go on
sale for 9.99 at christmas
the refrigerator is white
the stove is white
the cabinets are white
combine that with florescent lighting
would be blinded
so have small lamp
on top of fridge

funny how pain can egg you on
or leave you flat out immobile

scattered on purpose
why not

i need air and sunshine
could i ever be humble?
think of myself as always
standing in denial
as in correct denial
the judgment always wrong

often wondered what world
created all these precepts everyone
lives by
it’s not this one
hope that wasn’t harsh news

i’m very slow
but thorough can’t be done fast
the air feels grimy
like better to take shallow breaths
and headache only banished to just in front of the eyes

pick up my pen to draw and my mind
takes every course
spun and twisted to set it right

not on my watch
who is this dictator of transitions


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