next in line silence

to just live in a tent
or forest
or farm and be the
humble giver with the charm
of new-age float

yet one small thing

without protection for
this land
you don’t have land

anarchy is wise?
are assuming china and russia
would join up
not use this land for a landfill
and spit out your bones
as they laugh about the idiots
who loved anarchy enough to
throw away their country

fools and greater fools
you want to run off to the woods and play?
your type of freedom means taking a machine gun
with you and sleeping in shifts

though i really think asia
would just take the opportunity
to create a giant landfill

how it works
doesn’t anybody have social studies anymore?
national geographic
yellow borders of the bigger picture

treasure and training
grasp gently
hold tight
this giant crank doesn’t tuck you in
a save or move
only the motion


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