how’s these apples

poor fat one got the living tofu beaten out of him
can tell it
other seems to be treating with captors
believing an edge
deal to release bomber
60 people on that pop up
might not see revenge
Jordan pilot already dead
who are they kidding
perhaps Japanese bow as protest
is hard to deny so
let’s think about this

number one, cut off internet
to radical factions such as IS
can do on receiving end if no ability
on distribution end
number two
send japan sympathies
locate where are keeping hostage and
that radical Islamic cell
bomb the Sabzi out of them

rethink war on terror
how world blame US now
for radical islam

back out of room quietly
holding umbrella and grasping scissors
wink at the party host
thank him for the collider
turn and run for cover
as it rains oil out of the sky

remember to call your mother
explain to her that no, you
had no idea we should never have invaded Iraq
stop for fried onions at pop eyes
sing a Japanese song quietly
and drive over cliff into bat cave

following day have blowout sale on bat-call beacons
following month build amusement park out of sand
following year give amusement park movie rights to japan
find anti-programming for radicals that
convinces them to maybe farm or weave hats
instead of strapping bombs onto things

debunk islam, by producing Mohammed in the flesh
tell them he is our hostage
and we plan to spit him from a plane
to rain blood on their land
if they do not answer our demands

demand they live peacefully.

the end.


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