don’t shop at

three weeks ago or more i was shopping for bracelets, went to and looked over their selection. now there are bracelets everywhere! on the facebook page, on websites on my phone … on my tablet, on the main computer. everywhere.

can’t figure out how they are doing it … i’m just going to slam the company. never shop or buy from, it will haunt you for eternity–apparently.

am seeing more and more dirty online marketing tricks. everyone who’s had it with the small pop ups and the tiny “close” button — raise your hand! the ads with giant download buttons when going to a page to download a program, only to find you have to pass the test of: “which download button?” is the right one. the ability to select “no tracking” on a browser, with no websites honoring the request.

and now this new tracking that somehow doesn’t use cookies or temp files, but attaches to a user through another process. maybe by getting a facebook account ID, maybe through some other infiltration like a virus. and on the Windows phone, have found there are websites now that can make their site pop up any time you try to tap and copy OTHER website addresses.

we need internet police. am hoping if the FCC gets the internet under title II as a public utility — then can curtail some of the dirty and underhanded practices.



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