dance between the daisies

if the self
looks for defeat
it is not defeated when it finds it

change moves pieces and
man struggles to hold security
together while running to
keep up with measured flux

it’s like the tire that measures as always deflated
because the tool for measuring is broken
it’s like Penny and her check engine light
it’s like eating vegetables because they are good for you
or finding the best fruit already on the ground
it’s like not knowing if it is day or night
because it’s a motel room
it’s like knowing human is not to know frailty
but it’s accepting some form of frailty

pressing onward
that’s what gets the most respect out of me
and those who know what they want

i always wanted to own things and smile at strangers
but maybe i smile at things and own strangers
“alike” is the enemy
someday will explain that to my buried half

it is better to be all of one mind
, certainly

yet indecision and grasping options
part of a personal path
and you don’t disparage the engine that’s getting you there …

is it the loss of answers?
older you get the more every made-up division shines
like a checker of recalculated birth
death looms, yet you remember what to say

because somebody kind taught you … what matters
is that point A to B is not plan C

i measure my mistakes according to the shifting world
never fool myself

because it’s the only ground left

security is illusion, true
love is another illusion
some think death is the illusion
best of all possible worlds

you do what you have to do to get by
fear is the enemy but fear is abstract
not really a “something” — is more of a result
from many things

see i’m trying to say that no
nobody is fooling themselves the most
belief is whatever it is at that point
no human being is subject to past understanding
that’s why tomorrow is new

it’s why yesterday’s songs remind me of my gall
my audacity and youth
running through veins like a juice of beat
and defiance ….

the distance rings and i know exactly
where i turned around and stood
when God said salt was just
and i said

justice only happens when mercy is present
at the heart of things, we have reason


charlie brown had a reason for kicking the non-football each time
what’s honor?
what’s promised faith?
what’s more important — sometimes there are bigger gifts

i’m willing to admit i’m wrong and living a useless life
that all my energy is wasted because
i did not focus on achieving ‘ultimate’ things
no right to say anything, really

but it’s not about acceptance
you don’t keep using the broken air pressure meter out of acceptance
you don’t not check the engine out of acceptance
you don’t pick up ripe fruit out of acceptance

all are bigger equations
built on distance
not between the self and action
but within consequence

we decide to live or die
so no
you don’t fool yourself
reality is only what you realize

nothing more
certainly nothing less



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