Windows 10 beta

Windows 10 beta has left their programmers sifting through hundreds, maybe thousands of suggestions and bug reports every day.

well looks like Microsoft listens after all — so they took out the ugly wallpapers and inserted nice scenery photos for the new Windows 10 build. they fixed the response time. don’t ask me what was clogging up the works, but looks like they rotor-rootered it. consequence is a few of my gadgets installed with third party program are not working or even appearing. i can live with that. much faster.

Windows 10 has the snappy back with tech preview 9926 …

the animation for start is much better, feels more like the future rather than an uglier version of Vista. Cortana is interesting — can turn it on by voice, but then have to click the microphone anyway for her to take any voice command….. i find the same problem with the phone version, though on that you can press and hold the button to go into voice command.

but they pretty much fixed all that i saw going wrong with the earlier tech preview. the design flaws are ironed out — which was a big thing. because it goes both ways — a programmer can forget to pay attention to function, and lean too heavily on design.

All in all, Windows 10 beta “feels” better now, rather than convincing me this is the end of the road for Microsoft. The 10 operating system might just float. Who knew all that putty could do the job?


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