a fine layer of frost covers the ground
like shallow recompense for the lack of snow
the sky sharp with blue and cold

day is mine to reach above pain
live in the spirit only
body falling down a rabbit hole
head first

mirror holds a shadow frozen with a frown
set to the mouth
that says nothing goes beyond this point

weary and the dawn is no awakening
yet i mumble a quick prayer while fixing the coffee
wipe the counters
wipe the stove
fill the mug and sit in my chair

what is a throne? mine still carries
cat scratches from a friend long gone
brings a tear to the eyes
that is choked back
we are taught not to cry and i try to

i try to remember …

it is a silent rebellion
but my strongest thoughts never say a word
plants tell me the humidity
toes tell me the cold
movement tells me the weight

it is all relative to the inside
where a spirit hums
something from an old musical
dances to see every hope

don’t worry for me
let me worry as i look outward
forward a concept that also gives reverse

so to be right here i breathe
recall every gift in one moment
the gift of friendship one of the greater things
as comforting as any blanket

frost now melted with first touches of sunlight
day decides it is here
ready or not
no real rest but i’m not afraid of
not for now

it is enough to know there is work to be done
and a purpose to fulfill
nothing great
nothing memorable
just my little life
my little projects chosen by me

freedom is paid-for with trepidation
i measure that, too
“bound” the anxiety too large to bear
so hope will find a balance

not the fulcrum
but a distance to the next smile

touch many things in life
for better or for worse only a song
contractions of the ups and downs
seen through eyes that are going up and down
relativity is not that daunting
calibration a skill…

i was built for other things
but also able to feel the cold
of the grass
without taking off shoes
and walking in bare feet

able to breathe in the day
without making it a part of eternity



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