on the brink under God

so on the republican response
to state of the union
i finally state
why don’t you phone it in?
for she was reading to us …
i am not a child
i don’t need to be “read-to”
we save a lot of time
if you just put your written
statement online
and leave it at that
if you have nothing to add

… so wasters of time
and i sort of grinned
when mentioned how they
don’t want to raise taxes like
the president said when he
did not say anything about raising
taxes — he talked about fair taxing
of wealthy corporations
that was it
and it was mostly her tone
the type of person
you know talks about you
behind your back
–the shark for unarguably murky
social waters

which then i wondered if that
was the play
to elicit stupid and his dog spot
on one side
to send all running for the other…

mostly the manipulations are funny
i note word usage by CBS news
which is one of the finer things
from selecting words yourself in
writing poetry — you notice the choices

i liked it when our President winked
telling half the audience that
what he was talking about were good things…

we have a nation
not so bad a one

grew up with the saying that “life isn’t fair”
now working to prove that saying wrong

i’m pretty good with that



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