repeat what numbers

today’s special is cherry upside down cake
with a side of flood water
clean up on aisle 10
the steaks have been flown in special
from ends of the earth
prime timbucktwo beef
out of middle earth we have hobbit entertainment
see his tiny guitar?
he likes it when you rub his feet
if you get water with lemon
it will anoint your teeth with bitter grapes
or we have jelly-bean coffee
i wouldn’t order the swiss fries
no good reason to trust potatoes
we can bring you a tumble weed
and if you finish it all,
there will be applause and a hat
someday soon, start of the earth
will walk right through those doors
we have a cave playing non stop youtube
with a bear trap
how’d you like that rain today, folks?
i can’t believe what it did to my hair
we all spit on the food anyway
would you just like an order of spit?
and the cherry upside down cake is really special
honesty baked right in
maybe you should start with that?
we’re really here to serve
anything you want
pick your poison
bodies pile up but it’s not a world problem, you know?
everybody has their own lawn mower
i’ll be right back
you all think about it awhile
my my
we do have a large family to feed
what’s that?
oh it’s no problem
come right in and sit down
today’s special is apple cake
with a side of marco polo
isn’t it a lovely day?
you all are going to love the swiss fries



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