yesterday’s endeavor experienced
a rapid unscheduled disassembly
we are examining leftovers
so far it appears a fat cat in
tomahawk loafers tried to enter a lavatory
two mechanics playing jump rope
forgot and left the seat up
due to the ongoing rainfall
of cigarette butts, authorities
were contemplating a delay
when all hell broke loose–
we still have not recaptured hell
it is too early to tell if
more information will be available
but stay tuned
if they had stayed tuned, maybe this wouldn’t have happened
…poor bastards
tuning important
very important
tried to listen to train tracks once
didn’t hear a thing
probably an engraved hoax to have scientists
putting heads underneath a train
animosity flying higher than usual
lots of bits
lots of little itty bitty bits left
if you look at the ground
can see worms trying to come up for air
and all that blackened part of earth
is where we were going to make history
well maybe they’ll learn
manufacture better silence next time
nothing can withstand unreported flatulence
this is news 3010
your channel for all things better that went wrong
revivo reminds you to keep your hair if you can
one of the few body parts left to sell
not enough cops anymore to eat those poor donuts
it is a sad day for all America
tune in tomorrow
…don’t go boom



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