invention of religion

hey why don’t we make up a different reality for the lower class?
that way can manipulate
how we want them to live
so this religion must be about appreciating poverty
and oh
get this
what if we make it so the best is yet to come
after they die?

but we want them to get along with each other
so forgiveness and plenty of
taking care of each other…

a different truth
and we will call it the truth and the way …


but what if God had Its own plans
double-crossed the double-crossers?
what if the people used hope
and generated a reality of graciousness
among the rabble
the dogs kicked one too many times
what if this world had another plan
and used the belief of millions
to create a reality of well-being?

what if God silently chuckles at the irony…

we understand solid and fluid

man is both


knowledge is a strange thing
dependent more on how it is parsed
than desires of security
a lie can get in the way of the truth
but there is also ways around
and power
what is power?
the prayers of millions of Chinese factory workers?
making products so that the least in countries of oppression
can type on a cellphone
to learn and be and exist in parts and fulls
understanding a singular adventure…

what blesses the hands that create?
so we wish for them greater things in this earth
and God will come through …
time a marshal on all of our watches

i see a lot and take in a lot
but only arrogance tells me it is more
than any i address… so i bow and

say trust me
sacrifice is the open mind
that reaches for the sake of grasping
but the way is a creature of its own
points dictated by nothing greater than good will…

you have a heart — use it
not because life is short
but because it isn’t getting any longer
desperation is marked with an exigency of despair
but you cannot quantify
the exponential desire of a kind act

i cried out because i matter, too
sometimes we carry more than were made to carry
sometimes burdens are just too heavy
and even love can only be a reminder
that no one can help …

(she was to be the salve … the answer
to losing the other child… she was to
fix me and fix that pain … yet||| choices
were mine. never doubt. but i wish
to see joy before the end….)

great are great for a reason: a grandmother looked
in the camera square
every ounce of actor and beauty and all that i ever admired…
words for posterity for HER
were “remember i love you”

that is why the least are the greatest
and that is why no one

i mean no one….

walks alone.

Earth was never afraid
Its only harm is that what It has done
cannot be remanufactured

there is no heroics to sipping on coffee
while tapping on a keyboard
trying to figure out what i want to say
and the reward is likes, but it is no reward
more information to parse and carry
i have lived quietly for many years, now
every utterance just the breeze
a sigh a flower long-wilted
yet i disagree that i was ever made
simply to be an accessory to a vase

the world wants to know what to believe
for religion itself has become muddied
lost in purpose
on one level i believe it is hogwash
ok i said it…. because when powerless
man— you me us — will search for
a way to convince oneself has a power
in witchcraft they might light a candle
in most religion the deeds are outsourced
with a request to a god
and with spiritualism you worship no power

but to be effective
is to lose the sense of no power
and therefore the need of God
pastors are effective, why their struggle
to hold faith is more …. and it comes
down to when a person is effective, they
are no longer innocent

so may you not be innocent… but may
life find something beyond… to keep
on reaching

i am out of coffee
and need to refill the cup
computers are somewhat behaving for now
though there is troubles with internet connection
for Windows 10
that ship is never going to float
and i don’t know what to even say to Microsoft
after awhile when you patch too many holes
the entire endeavor is nothing but putty

and this day–THIS day is cloudy
salt lake is salt lake city
not much of a town
filled with rude unknowning people
convinced their way is the only way
because numbers equals power…. sad
and yet each individual tries more than
the whole…… so that might not be good
but it’s good enough

i still need to fill the coffee mug
make the bed
remember rome wasn’t built in a day
neither am i

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