sitting at table

no i can’t fix any of that
as hear stewart, the voice of reason
use the terms “toxic ideology”
i think as we get bodies poisoned
more aggressively via modern agricultural methods,
poison is on the brain

but i disagree with using toxic as any sort
of description for thought or belief
because then have the opposite of pure
and what one among us was ever pure before
becoming toxic? it is a false reassurance

while fear doesn’t combat fear
and the question is the combination
of poverty and oppression that contributes
to adherence to hurtful dogma

how do you understand something not experienced?
i went over the rules of war
we call them conventions … and they are rules
for a game. civilized world turning war
into a game where the top dogs decide how everyone will play

there is something more evil about that
than anything we call terrorism … conventions
we call them conventions, etiquette for battle
so lives changed and uprooted — play can continue
in a civilized grope for power…

and i know these men that live for winning a game
i understand the tenuous hold
fear so thick you could cut it with the knives
periodically pulled from the back

power comes and goes
what is legacy?

control via dogma is still control and there are the minds
not educated or brought to love knowledge
fear cooks better in a pot minus the facts
fear manipulated — fastest highway
for change among the masses

when war is a game and you win the game
have you won the war? U.S. needs to ask this
because we have all tried pulling a bandaid off slowly
and quickly…

now are looking at a battle of religion looming
no i can’t fix that
may the best dogma win?

we are trying for a religion of Humanity
that relies on Justice …
but am reminded that must listen to even that
which is not part of a personal belief or facts
and that Justice takes its own form
according to personal hardship

shall we all gang up against Islam?
well … if being good to another takes a
heavy deterrent … it is not being good.
it is simply fearing one thing more than another.
you don’t make stealing rare by creating punishment…
you make it rare by growing opportunity and
enlisting empathies for the fair treatment
of others….
so how do we care about those outside of convention —
waging a war that will never be won and
only cost both them and us?

i don’t mess around with threats
like a homeowner who rented their house
but the tenants refuse to pay and threaten
to burn it down if evicted… i just up the pot
on that kind of game — say i’ll burn it down
myself around your ears if you aren’t gone
when i say so. the alternative is that
the property is lost anyway … so throw
everything you have into it and don’t back down.

is Christianity better than Islam? is Hinduism
better than Buddhism? is there a common denominator
anywhere, or do certain precepts only fit certain people?

i think oppression is very real
how do you fight oppression when tied to religious dogma?
women are thought of as less in most cultures
regardless of dogma … can’t pretend it doesn’t
classes — the poor are thought of as less
regardless of religion
for god sakes, there is a competition of best dressed
when going to church that is present here
and church schools routinely require children
to wear uniforms … i think of that
and how my childhood church-school did not
require uniforms, but now it does

why the change? so all comes down to this showdown
a showdown of religion
the fear of a theocratic state

U.S. supposedly embracing freedom of religion
yet try telling that to the Mormons,
who were chased away and finally chose
the only stretch of god-forsaken land
that nobody else wanted, and defended it
with every ounce they had…. what kind of
freedom did they get? on the other side of
that coin is any religion that sets itself up
as a theocracy.

ruling bodies
in the war that is coming
how do we reconcile
what is belief
and what is fact?

is the fact that disagreement is a goal
rather than harmony?
maybe should look at that
and see why hatred and fear
are better tools for manipulation…

i always liked the saying,
“get to know me first, and then hate me.”
it wasn’t one of my grandma’s sayings
hers was “six and a half, one dozen to the other”
and i think both apply here

but we aren’t going to wiggle our way
out of this coming battle with sayings…
do you hate them for their religion?
or are they breaking our law?
law of the state, not theocratic
but democratic state

yet a state that is joined with others
on conventions of war?
and that is the crux– what convention
do the religious bodies have?
“when in Rome, do as the Romans”

the power of religion
is to say they will save your soul
eternal torment is a deterrent
and many in the past made sure
man knew temporal torment just to get
the idea across….

it is a sobering thought. simply keep
a creature alive to carry out torment upon it…
and what are prisons for? it is just a morphing
of ancient ideologies — one could say, “toxic ideologies”
within our continuing definitions of “civilization”

because the answer is to raise and teach
to not desire hate and fear — to help and
bring out the best in individuals and in a nation

bringing out hatred for another religion is not
bringing out the best in our nation
but we have to keep constant guard up against ANY theocracy —
ours included

and when a president can only be president when
professing a Christian positioning — then that is
something to look at: Christian Democracy
and so … there is no standing in truth
against a theocracy like Islam while opposing it
as a theocracy.

no, i can’t fix any of that
and with the war of religions at our doorstep
who will save your immortal soul?

well maybe souls are to be done being immortal
maybe the here and now is where we can shake hands
and say

it is not worth the fight,
but i WILL up the ante…
now please pass the salt

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2 Replies to “sitting at table”

  1. You’ve addressed a LOT in this piece, E. Are certain facts subjective when it comes to religion? It would seem so. This is why, despite being raised as non-denominational Christian, when asked what my religion is, I would rather say that I am “spiritual” instead of religious. Dogma is a dangerous (and powerful) control technique. Religious wars have been going on since forever, and sadly, I don’t think that will ever change. It’s one of those hot-buttons that pushes/pulls peoples’ emotions and closest held beliefs about their identities.

    It’s the sign of a weak mind to generalize and say “ALL Muslims” are this way, because of a few extremists. (Not saying YOU say that, but of course, we have heard the generalizations a lot in the past week). Aniconism exists in many religions, not just Islam, but you also have fanatics/zealots in many other religions, too. Interpretations of the “word of God” (by whatever name He/She is called) are a big part of the problem, because there are so many different interpretations out there that it splinters the religions into factions.

    It’s not fair of anyone to label an entire religion as “bad” or “evil” based on the actions of a few claiming to represent said religion. You sure got it right when you said, “Take the time to understand me before you hate me.” Unfortunately, most people won’t take the time because it’s easier and faster to hate blindly than it is to try and understand.

    1. said i couldn’t fix it, maybe because it is such an old problem. and what we have or consider facts is just another type of consensus. but belief seems to change more readily at the will of power-persons…. i really did cover a lot and next day had the worst day ever. karma? no…. just me being stupid after frying my brain….. haha. religion can be organized fear. so it’s the fear that’s wrong. searching for answers is never bad thing.

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