wonder wanders wonderfully

how do you mark a wonderful day?
the balance
the gist
between work over play

every memory tucked neatly
and silently home
like a dog we’re content
to gnaw ancient bones

is it what happens to you?
or the you that happens to others …
the mux and the mix will diffuse merrily
storms always pass
while the days never cease
and heartache is born on a cusp
verily …

i say unto you that a way is a means
and a hope is an anger
all fates swarm with dreams

and i just want today
for one moment, at least
and carve out my name
on the chest of the beast …

to watch as i anchor my feet to the ground
then rage at design
for its pennies of pounds

how do you mark a wonderful day? a wonderful week?
a year? i can’t say …

but i do know forever is the length of a sight
as it tocks back and forth
‘tween the wrong and the right

then to love is to bow
yet our hearts never bend
for it’s strength in each breath
and each breath is an end

bones divide or denature
for the absence of compel
to pass once again
spiral deep to the well

WP_20141116_16_21_25_Pro 1


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