to have and have dangerously

the process of wanting something is flawed, since most often are told what you should want instead of investigating for oneself what makes life better. more of good is not always better. and choice itself can inspire both good and bad feelings. envy……… envy is a poor source of motivation. to work to inspire envy in others is to be a not good person. to hunger to have others envy you is an illness, where ones own sufficiency is dependent on others lack.

a motivational speaker tells you how to manifest what you want in life, with the presumption that you have to want something. you either live in want, or you live with contentment. there’s not a lot of middle ground there. if what you want is contentment, i would advise to work on being thankful, while asking what it even means to manifest desires…. do you wish on a star or do you make it happen?

see, i pick c, none of the above.

desire a strange critter
it grows or shrinks
makes you move
the next step
the next arrangement
in a way
desire is the fountain of eternity

is it what you want
or what you want to do?

i desire not to hurt
but i hurt from desire
therefore to increase desire
will not abate hurt

it is a simple formula
progress is slow when a being is
thankful before the next step
yet less cracks in the floor
less chance to fall in and get stuck
with the question
” why are we here?”

goals made and left abandoned
contentment a memory
life is take and give
share and humility

presumption and empathy

know thyself
just know thyself

i smile at my star-wishes
like they are a child that won’t
shut up about the day they had

lost in expressing joy…
now try manifesting that

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