sewn by grace

Every dream I ever had proved me wrong to dream… So life itself is not unkind. There’s more to being human for the more in solace to a heart that loves and gives for other reason… truth is blind?
no more than any other fate
we bound and boldly remonstrate
while darkness has its light
and light its dark
dear cupid always off his mark
so settle to the ground
no crying is allowed here for
we charm to sound and i was silent
for one heartbeat, only caste to play
the ever-strength
the ever -known
good golly and good day, there is no harm
to man who sees in wider goal
the object of affection object,
and all true skies will cry to hear you weep
but even so, all passion is replete
with guise of self and to the selfless time remains
a bit of flux and nothing more.
to bask in pain they have awards…
for every dream i ever had, proved me wrong to dream.
yet life is sweet, and large, and vast
ever open to repast–and never what it seams.



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