tock to ticks

let’s look at time for new years

man sits and beats out 7 beats on a drum

decides it took 7 beats to beat the drum 7 times

meanwhile a fly lived 1/100 of its life

an elephant lived 1/10000 of its life

and man lived no part of his life

because he was too busy beating a drum


decided world decided time was something spent

rather than every thing filled

the sun passes the sky

one day

does it speed up

slow down

can you really say?

for maybe what is even beats to us

is all in our world slowing down or speeding up….

you see?

man beat out 10 beats on a drum

and decided it took 10 beats to make 10 beats

he counted the sun rising and falling

called that a day


later called it the time for earth to spin)

he counted 3 suns and called it 3 days

7 days =1 week =7 days

he amazed himself with the discovery of “time”

layers continued onward – – he made beats to chime off seconds

60 seconds =1 minute x 60 =1 hour x 24 = 1 day =24 /24=1 hour /1 =1 =1 =1….

even the math shows we went too far

but that wasn’t my point

man counts the sun rising and falling

because he can see and then not see

for the blind there is no day that

rages a beat it…. it is all 1=1=1=1….

so sight delivers time,  not beat

beats are inside the sight-time?

no! outside sight time?   yet there are so many beats inside a day….

but the beats are counting the days

scratches on a prison wall

in a coordinate system you move

placement determines action and energy

yet placement is not the action and energy

action and energy are the means

placement… spacement…. is the result

beats are measure of action and energy

but beats are established from action and energy

these are incompatible means to dictate an

understanding of your lifespan.

are you beats of a sun,  or are you a percentage of one divided by one?

even one way streets in every town,  and they don’t get it.

find me a drink!  it is because you see ahead.   what placement shall i be in?  becomes what place at what time?  yet fate is not so easily ruled…. and god is tired, so very tired….

Happy new years

may each day be new,  because it is not day and night,  it is spacement.   may you be in a good spot….. and don’t forget to live between the beats.


Feedback always welcome

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