arguments regarding minimum wage

to address benefits of raising the minimum wage, one must first look at why we have a minimum wage in the first place. because one could certainly argue that a minimum wage standard can likely keep less valued jobs to an agreed lower level of pay.

so that is the first thing. where a standard put in place to benefit the worker, more than likely has proven to benefit the employer most, over time. how many jobs have I complained about the starting wage, only to be told that the pay was minimum wage, and therfore correct? a lot. as in almost every.

secondly, when arguing about minimum wage being necessary for factory entry level work, every factory job I ever had, paid significantly more than minimum. as in, they wanted to keep their skilled and trained workers from going somewhere else. so there is a natural competition in that sector.

so what are we talking about when considering a rise in the minimum wage? fast food and retail, that’s it. and possibly home and garden care, but those are often off the books to begin with.

so fast food, and retail. where extra money to those workers, often is returned right back to fast food and retail through purchases. these are not people investing in the stock market, these are the grist that keep the economy flowing in a “get it and spend it” state of continual flux–which then compensates for vast degrees of saving and investment by the wealthy.

now the fast food and retail employers… use a technique of staying just as far ahead of inflation as they dare, to increase their profit margin. so they want the dollar to weaken, this gives them play room to take in more dollars via how long any product or food stays on the shelf. and so we have all the preservatives now in food, that are often constructed with bacterium, and the populace gets sicker and sicker, fueling the medical industry. but low level workers on minimum wage, can’t afford the doctors or insurance, and top that off with not being able to afford the better foods without the preservatives.

so you have unrest.

welcome to reality. we are seeing needs for acting out culturally and protesting over anything, it doesn’t matter what. isolation occurs within a community, because when people are not well, they isolate and become suspicious.

now, should we raise the minimum wage, when looking at this house of cards all the greedy bastards have built?

do we admit that the United States continues to have and maintain a class system? this class system even denies higher education to the poor, unless they are genetic geniuses. but what is the fallout to that current system? lower educational parameters all through childhood, and then the real learning hits you only at University level. where a large part of our population cannot even attend. and those in higher classes create and use private schools for younger grade levels, to give their own children the edge they wish them to have.

should we raise the minimum wage? it couldn’t hurt. what kind of great awesome system are you afraid of toppling? you might get an extended life for the grist and foundation on which everything else sits. inflation could rise, because fast food and retail greedy bastards will remain greedy. so the immediate response will be a lowering in the dollar and a possible recession. but where things stand now, might be looking at implosion time. and your awesome house of cards is going to turn into a giant game of 52 pick up.

I would risk the recession and go with higher minimum wages for a more settled foundation to our class-based economy. if we combine that with taming the medical industry, and injecting less despair and competition in our children and young people…. might stand a chance of holding things together long enough to hold onto our land in the face of world unrest. because those are the stakes.



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