’twas the night before

Christmas is about
Peace and good will
where love for each other
means a heart that is filled

with dreams of tomorrow
and hopes for today
for it all comes around
though i really can’t say

how the best ways of Christmas
are best ways to be
when it’s money that buys you
the best Christmas tree

yet matured on this season
a thrift has its calm
as i settled my gifts
round the live Christmas palm

and the memories of those
who are no longer here
bring a well to my heart
with a small Christmas tear

but the sorrows are sweet
for it’s love that remains
every peace is complete
even i can’t complain

so am wishing you all
that this season can bring
wrapped in wonder and faith
may your soul truly sing

and deliver no worries
no harm nor defeat
on this best Christmas eve
may best times be replete

with a wise understanding
we are small on this Earth
and so celebrate meekly
our Dear Christ and His birth

for His message was simple
on each heart there’s a grin
for a peace shown without
through God’s love from within

and for those not inclined
to the “God-thing” I know
there is still Christmas cheer
and a bright Christmas glow

because it’s not about being
in this camp or that
nor who’s right or wrong
as we don different hats

it’s about finding sameness
each kind-ness that you can…
so i wish all good Christmas
and good hope in all man



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