leather for the dawn

so maybe I’ve turned a new branch
idealism is nothing new
a healthy hope in mankind
to the alphabet
formed and broken

should give them my blessing? ….no
i only had one life and they destroyed it
a living pylon of judgment
i will hold out and stand
submit my woes …the whose fault

don’t carry a surprise
roads played it safe the rest of the way
how to explain

you see how the orange peels
and the air smells of oranges because
you had to twist and pull the rind
which then releases songs of fragrance
it’s like the first bite
my life was sweet

they stole that
i hope you understand, they stole that
there was no coming back
humans break just like horses
on the back of a running horse it’s like your heart is alive

i made sure i did that
before they stole the sweetness…
i road and road thanking the horse with my soul
and i still have that
right here…. you give the horse its head
kick heels
grip the knees
kick harder to get it out of a trot
at least into a cantor

i’m not dead or dead inside
but i’m a broken human
tamed and afraid of all the rest of you
i’m afraid and i don’t know if i have looked for vengeance
i only have one life
they took it and told me the mind
failed their test
how they want every brain castrated
to calmness
my one life! they took it, don’t you see?
there is no vengeance big enough
so i did none

please don’t take other lives
please remember the horse had to be kicked
to make it run



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