broke vow of austerity
bought a pretty thing
indulge pays
if not
the one on everybody’s charity list
then what is remorse?
so it is the ring …
days gone by where self indulged
every whimsy wish
“you have passed go and collect
one merry-go-round”

not that
that person again
most importantly not
to be fooled

it’s the ring
something in me saying all the me’s deserve pretty things
and something saying no…

no, they never did
the ring
and now thoughts must regroup….

who am i? on my own
but i loved
and don’t regret the stupid
that i was

is just that gone
the time
old gets its due
and i wear a new ring that is mine alone
there is no excuse
for needing to indulge a longing for the past
was there ever innocence?

yet i would not take it off
this is now mine

tomorrow will right itself
inside a conceptualization that is
and tears

oh it’s not that bad
not only the ring
i cannot find my way is all

the time has come for movement
and i am stunned yet
describing our grand pause

but never was worth the time of day
am i done punishing myself?

i am done with something
circuits crossed
never can go full power
the broken thing
the life of indescribable failure

i stand and say but i was here all along
i was!
and i like being human
full of questions

the answer now that satisfaction
is knowing what you want next


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