on this Earth

well, for a people that are supposed to be free
we have some pretty strong and stringent norms
don’t get me wrong
there is a lot to be said for independence
but truth is,
you always depend on something
even if it’s that the sun is gonna rise the next day

we are all animals
animals yearning for freedom
while the cage can be cozy

it’s the decisions
second-guessing yourself
never get old if you can avoid it
we all have to decide what is important to us in life
you —- me —- the garbage man
what stays and what goes

and hopefully what stays is a type of humanity
lose that and you might as well already be dead
pushing up the daisies

we’re all good for something
grandma used to say the head holds the ears apart
because the bottom line is

you’re here…..

better get used to it
the norms will kill you eventually
but you always knew that
why you always danced a little differently
no shame in being the best that you can all on your own

we are a nation of controllers
these FREE people

but you won’t find better heart
and you sure as heck won’t find better land

world is full of injustice … and dying dreams
but MY dreams?
mine begin new every day

…. every day ….. *bows head exits stage left*



2 Replies to “on this Earth”

  1. “grandma used to say the head holds the ears apart”… love it! I often ponder why on Earth we are only on this Earth for such a relatively very short period of time?? Would it be a preventative measure for the sake of minimizing just how much damage one individual can do in their ‘lifetime’? When I next take stock of my life I will ponder this one heavily! 😉

    1. life is neither long or short, i think. that is trying to apply distance to time, and time is how you spend it. we have the concepts all wrong. consider the best of a drum or tick of clock…. the increments believed equal. and therefore you can use beats to measure existence. yet, the time you are measuring is inside those beats, not outside of it. therefore are only proving an element (factor) to itself.

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