regarding recent disclosures on torture

(the post was discussing how psychologists were hired to implement the best torture techniques)
my comment:
fact is, some of the most sadistic people i have ever met were working in mental “health” hospitals. draws them like flies, and many psychologists suffer from the need for power over the lives of others. so is the structure of that system itself that becomes a gateway on the best ways to hurt, rather than to heal. believe me, many here operating with licenses and all the blessings of the government –are far, very far from being angels of mercy. and most facilities are closer to hell than anything you will find on earth elsewhere. prisoners doing time in a prison have more rights than a mental patient.

i look at the torture and go gee, they tried that out first on me. so it’s not like we don’t practice torture …. it is practiced frequently on those who are silenced in our own culture.

i have no answers.

(image borrowed from pintrest)


2 Replies to “regarding recent disclosures on torture”

    1. it is the helpless, Len…. at the mercy of those who are often cruel. they will over -medicate and then incite patients by playing on fears. any thing to keep themselves amused, i watched it over and over. last place, an unbalanced nurse screamed my name in my face 20 times trying to get a rise out of me. they want to create funny stories to talk about with friends, and now are video taping patients with their smartphones.

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