How to quickly clean up Internet Explorer

there is a fast and easy way to clean out Internet Explorer. will erase all cookies and saved passwords as well as the cache — so you will need to enter passwords again when finished. but have found it to be a thorough way to combat troubles with the IE browser.

with Internet Explorer closed, open Control Panel … upper right there is a drop down for “large icons”…click and then select “internet options.” go to the “Advanced” tab. click on “reset” and in the window that comes up, check the box to “delete personal settings” and click the reset button to confirm.

at the same time it helps to delete the temp files in your user AppData/Local/Temp file, though this file can contain information for specialized applications so only delete them if problems are persistent.

to be able to see the hidden folder, must first go to Folder Options in Control Panel and check the option to “view hidden files and folders.”


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