under lesser feet

the funny thing when you go
on an aerial tour
with Windows maps
the valleys look like hills
the hills look like valleys
the glaciers look like mountain springs got clogged pores
some rivers have so much phosphorus
they must glow at night — some land
looks happy and some looks forlorn
farmed until it can give no more
i look at deserts and wonder how many
years of humans it took to create
all that death … but most importantly
the earth looks like an organism

as in it truly does
(water and dams and fights to farm)
the scorched earth of our water-wars

we scrounge on this round surface
and everything upfront
is our world outside of us
but this earth has veins of rivers
mountains that build from springs
the patterns are not plates
and she may or may not be in pain …

water filled the oceans because it was drawn to those wounds
and no amount of our thought will change
what the world truly is …

i think the entire thing is an organism
but i don’t know what that makes us …

not parasite because we are not matching the
inner system of a dog….
this is the outer system
systems inside systems …. we are
tipped and spinning

maybe she’s a little dizzy…. or there is a constant
war between her and her dad, the sun ….

i go on vacations to look at the earth
a little at a time to see what
man is up-to
i look from above
and i know that it does not matter when that which
you occupy is seen as one thing or another
because it will still be what it is
your belief has not changed that
not ever
i think i respect her … or he … the great here?

the great one, and maybe she shudders.
maybe sings us to sleep
so that the night is speedy



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