man is a compassionate animal


meme from facebook:


would imagine the praying mantis tearing off a mate’s head goes under cruel … or most of the ape family have abilities to be “cruel” in actions. but we call the cruelty in animals “instinct.” could just as easily say that man is the only “animal” capable of compassion. a transposition of the self onto the conditions of another.

guess the question, is what makes some humans enjoy the suffering of others? the need for power– so you look at the need for power. and that is a mirror of being dominated, and then working to dominate something else. so a transposed reciprocation. the same process that gives us compassion, gives us cruelty.

answer to this aberration or “compassion-gone-wrong” is better education and better health for better brains. because you don’t hit something else because you’ve been hit. you go gee, i don’t like being hit, let’s not continue that process further. so it’s as simple as the buck stops here.

the buffalo stampedes. we need to NOT be like the buffalo.

as far as animals and perceived cruelty of the meat industry — it could be a lot worse. and hopefully the treatment of animals will get a lot better.


feeling helpless or under a form of oppression, can lead to entire communities acting out in cruel ways. and so we had the lynch-mobs, and the executions in the town square. once people of a community were able to express some power over at least one of their own members, then were ready for another week or month or year of oppression from the ruling body — aka “king.”

things have changed, but not much. we still embody the process of transposing frustration into a realm that has little to nothing to do with the initial problem. look at sports…. vicariously “winning” or within a stadium, feeling the “collective power” of “beating” an opponent.

so what is control? over life, over yourself. how do we evolve another step? right now we have a new type of phenom that involves abilities to create change through ideas…. and that is the internet. suddenly power is persuasion.

see, somebody decided that folk needed to feel guilty and bad and that they are less than animals. so they made the meme poster i placed at the top of this blog. now i sort of see it as same as a fire and brimstone sermon — REPENT ALL YEE SINNERS! but regret only goes so far. and removing personal power from individuals is usually in line with those interested in creating oppressive states in the first place. it might be perceived as trying to promote humility, and self appraisal. but fact is that our most chastised communities have usually turned out to be the most cruel.

there has to be some wiggle-room. that is why we don’t punish stridently, like removing privileges immediately for screw ups. it’s why you get a ticket instead of taking your license when caught speeding. otherwise, the degree of fear would promote feelings of anxiety and frustration — which in turn then promote a more cruel culture. we don’t want to BE that. i’m proud that we don’t want to be that.

you are not horrible for being human. fact is, most humans will work to be kind if given the chance.



One Reply to “man is a compassionate animal”

  1. Humans are such complicated beasts. Yesterday I saw a report about a young woman who was attacked inside her car by an assailant who promptly doused her with lighter fluid (including down her throat) and set her afire. She was left staggering down the street lit up like a bonfire and pronounced D.O.A. I believe her ex boyfriend is suspect. My God, what have humans become?? Sickening. I have come to deplore such newscast items…is the sadistic nature of the crime supposed to stimulate our minds like shock therapy?

    Is it intended that we feel repulsed by the very notion of such horrific behaviour…or is it mere sensationalist journalism at its seemingly worst…until tomorrow’s newscast anyway. If that was an instinctual act I want to crawl deep down a dark hole in the ground and never resurface. And what of my horrified response to this mindless act…that I feel as though I want to lash out at the perpetrator and do him or her violent harm in return…and what of such harbored hatred? It would seem harmless posturing on my part as I would never harm another human being save for self-defense.

    So we’re at the stage now where the jilted lover turns psycho and lashes out in the most heinous way one could imagine. God help us all…

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